Impaired Driving, DUI Charges and Criminal Defense in Missisauga and Brampton.

Get rid of the trouble and regain your normal life back when you hire Legal Action specialists to give you the necessary assistance to deal with criminal charges in Mississauga and Brampton.

The charges against you in Ontario can have a grave effect on all aspects of your life. Depending on the degree of the offence, you can be talking about fines or even imprisonment. But it doesn't mean you have to give up hope.

With utter respect, compassion and legal representation of our paralegal team working in a successful tandem with criminal lawyers, we will be with you during the whole period of getting you out of the difficult situation. We will be open and honest as we believe in communication and sharing of necessary information. And we will tell you exactly what to do and say in order to be free form all the charges.

Contact us today if you have a criminal charge for:

  • Assault Charges
  • Theft Under $5,000.00
  • Drinking and driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Over 80 milligrams of alcohol
  • Dangerous driving
  • Drug Charges

We understand the degree of pressure you are going through. That's why we are here to help with all matters legal. Legal Action will assist you in making your case successful while keeping it affordable and cost-effective.

No matter what grave circumstances you find yourself in, we will be happy to assist you with advice, helpful tips and the most professional representation to protect you form the impending charges. You will be so much more informed and confident and we are sure it will lead us together to a successful outcome.

So if you are facing a criminal charge and need criminal defense in Mississauga and Brampton, contact Legal Action for a free consultation today!

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